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Hi I am Jeevankur Talukdar (J Van K) an engineering undergrad at IIT Kharagpur. Being a childhood tinkerer and a curious learner, I have always loved learning about new technologies and building my own gadgets.

My major focus is in robotics and computer graphics, hence I develop robots, games, software solutions, products and lots more. My archive youtube channel can be explored to find very old treasures. Currently I am the Head Computer Graphics Lab - CGL IIT Kharagpur( The Computer Graphics Students Group of IIT Kharagpur).

Apart from being all technical, I love to do 3D design a few of which can be found in my design gallery, I also sing and play the guitar for my Hostel Band. Adventure sports is my passion which makes me compete in cross country mtb races at GBCh. Whenever there’s an oppurtunity I travel with my camera to experience the moments of nature, culture and life.

More information about my skills and experience can be found in my curriculum vitae.