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Nexus Pi Bot


An autonomous ground navigation robot with on-board camera running over RaspberryPi 4


S.M.A.R.T, Simluation, Monitoring and Augmented Robot Training

An augmented reality based platform connected to the target robotic systems through websockets to monitor, test and deploy commands.


CodAr, An augmented reality game to teach programming

Jeevankur Talukdar, V. Sharma & KK Bhagat

ICCE 2019 - Taiwan

To develop and evaluate an augmented reality based immersive game to teach programming.


Summer Internship 2018 at ClassHero

Software Engineering Internship

Development of a system for dynamic and consistent math puzzle generation ( using nodejs , express, mathjs) along with a web application to design and craft stories for the puzzles ( using Bootstrap, jquery, visjs ).


ConnectALL - Communication across all barriers

Hack-A-Bit National Hackathon 2019

A software stack developed in a 36hr hackathon to help the disabled communicate over the internet and live life normally


MedAI - An intelligent and responsible medical app

Phillips National Hackathon 2019

An application that can predict your disease by asking questions like a doctor would. It can also read and organize your medical prescriptions.


Pixelation Maze Solver

National Students Space Challange 2018

An autonomous robot to find its way through a maze ( path planning - dijkstra in cpp ) while communicating with an overhead camera ( OpenCV and Serial )


DROP - The future of Flood Relief

Open IIT Product Design 2018

An autonomous glider based package drop system operated with a helicopter designed for flood relief in Indian provinces


Audio Visualizer Game

Microsoft Hackathon 2018

An audio based adventure game made using Unity3D in C# during a 2 day hackathon in my freshman year

image on vacation


Freshers RoboSoccer Challange 2017

A manual soccer playing robot that secored 1st position in freshers robosoccer event by defeating everyone by a huge margin.